[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”29″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Precious Gems is working actively in Zimbabwe through in collaboration with our
partner organisation, EgaGift Trust, a local community group we supported in setting
up, to serve as a platform were local women living in, Parirewa village, Domboshava,
The aim is to empower the women economically and, in the process, helping to improve
their health and wellbeing. We do this by identifying and utilising the gift and assets the
women are passionate to contribute to supporting their community. They lead on all the
projects from idea phase to implementation phase.
Roasted Maize Project
This project came about when the women wanted to have their own small plot of land in
order to plant vegetables so that they can be able to sell some and also use some of the
produce for their personal consumption. They did not have the initial capital, so the
came together and decided they could sell roasted maize in order to generated the initial
capital to go into their gardening project. We supported them in getting some of the
capital and things needed to get the maize and packaging for the market.
The women have been selling the roasted maize in the local market and have been able
to generate the needed capital in order to start the gardening project.

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