What we do?

Improving Health and Wellbeing

Our programmes support women and girls to improve their wellbeing. We support them to stay connected with other members of the community and to stay active both physically and mentally while enhancing their skills and talents. Our programmes also help them to improve confidence and self-esteem and to overcome social isolation and loneliness. We also support women and girls with counselling session, advocacy, information and mentorship and regular village health outreaches which involves the full spectrum of health care professionals giving their time to deliver health care to the community as a whole.

Economic Empowerment

Our programmes designed to support women and girls to raise and to increase their income and be financially independent and also manage their finances. We support them with training on skills they require to get employment or do business focusing on their talents and passions. We also support them with shorts courses that enrich their curriculum vitae (CV) so that they can increase the opportunity to get employment that will give them better income. Our team support them in all process such as planning, registration and any other requirements until they are ready to run on their own. 

We are also involved in agriculture, because we believe that agriculture offers a huge opportunity for women and girls to be economically empowered.

Community involvement

Our programmes designed to encourage women and girls to get involved in developing their community by participating in decision making concerning their community, meeting the needs of their community using their skills and talents or just giving back to their community. We also encourage women and girls to take on a leadership role to better meet the need in the local community or national level. We support them with mentors who take them through all process required.