Precious Gems activities in Africa are aimed at making sure that women and girls take ownership of projects aimed at reducing poverty, zero hunger, attaining gender equality and economic growth. This is reflected in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  1,2,3,5 and goal’s 8.

In Rwanda the women based in Ngoma district came together and wanted to be able to be economically empowered and generate daily income in order to help them sustain their families and improve their wellbeing. The women led by the chairwoman of precious Gems Rwanda have been able to plant a pineapple farm that they daily cultivate and the proceeds from the farm is sold at the local market and the income made is utilised to support their needs.  They are currently working on expanding this project in order to reach out to more women in the village.

Precious Gems is supporting the women in training their children with scholarships and providing trainings on money management skills and exploring other investment opportunities.

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