Precious Gems in partnership with The Pink Box Initiative regularly conducts outreach programs in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. As the COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of individuals economically, socially and in many other spheres, domestic workers remain vulnerable in society. According to WIEGO worksheet, Pre COVID-19 era, an average daily income of a domestic worker ranged between 4,837 Tsh to 4,792 Tsh, statistics suggest that workers have been paid less since the occurrence of COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, on average, domestic workers are required to work 6.1 days a week. Domestic workers are more vulnerable to risk COVID-19 pandemic since they constantly get exposed to the workplaces and crowded public transports on their way to work.

When domestic workers are paid less than the standard salary or not being paid at all, they are forced to eliminate some of the important basic needs including monthly purchases of sanitary pads which in turn affects their reproductive hygiene as they opt to use inappropriate alternatives like socks, toilet papers, and dry leaves. Also, domestic workers are more likely to be subjected to sexual abuse in the households and being forced to never open up. We believe that equipping domestic workers with knowledge on sustainable menstrual hygiene practices, sexual abuse awareness, and reusable pads, will impact their lives by lifting the monthly financial burden of purchasing sanitary pads and they will be aware of how to identify abuse, how to report to authorities and support groups.

Precious Gems and The Pink Box Initiative have been working on the frontline to ensure that adolescent girls, young women, and youth are empowered with knowledge and supplies on sexual and reproductive health and menstrual hygiene, sexual abuse awareness, and economic empowerment even during these uncertain times.

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