Kearsley Knit and Natter’s Christmas Party at Oswaldtwistle Mills

Members of Precious Gems-Kearsley Knit and Natter raised funds through raffle tickets and used the money for a day out, for celebrations and parties. This time they decided to do a Christmas party at Oswaldtwistle Mills and Susan one of the volunteers helped to organise it.

The members of Kearsley Knit and Natter had a great time and enjoyed the food and shopping.There were entertained by Martin Gregory-Lambert who made the part a very memorable one.

Rita won a prize for standing up. Bingo and Debbie won prizes for Raffle tickets! What a winning group!Out of many groups that were in the hall!! Out of 3 prizes, Kearsley Knit and Natter won 2 prizes.

It was a wonderful experience!

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