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In the past, people in the neighbourhood assisted each other to meet their needs. But the welfare system today has created clients out of citizens in neighbourhoods; people believe that the external institutions provide better help. Neighbours now think that they are not qualified to support each other. This leads to the isolation of individuals. But people in the community have a wealth of gifts, talents, skills and experience which can be used to meet their needs in even better ways – building the trust among themselves and together, building resilience in the community.

Precious Gems started in United Kingdom in March 2013 to help develop the known and yet to be discovered skills gifts and talents of citizens of different communities, utilizing them to develop themselves and contribute to their wider community. Which leads to improvement of their wellbeing. We mainly focus on Women and Young people. Precious Gems is registered in charity commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with charity registration number 1160917. We also provide community services internationally through our sister charity Precious Gems Foundation Africa. The registration number for Precious Gems Foundation Africa is 117908.


Improving women and Young girls wellbeing socially, psychologically, financially, environmentally and health.


A world where women and young girls live a happy and fulfilled life


  • Develop projects that are co-designed and co-owned by the citizens of the community
  • Support citizens with basic aid to assist develop their capacity in order to meet their needs
  • Provide training sessions to boost the skills and talents of citizens
  • Work in collaboration and partnership with relevant organisations to deliver the best services to citizens of the community
  • Support citizens with advocacy on issues that affect them
  • Encourage citizen involvement and participation in the community for growth and prosperity of the community
  • Carry out multi-disciplinary research on factors that can help improve the health and wellbeing of the community and using these findings to advocate policies that will further enhance the capacity of and/or resilience of the citizens

Our Core Beliefs

  • Every member in our projects is a Gem to us. It doesn’t matter what the status of the person may be, we believe in people and we value people regardless of their title, age, colour, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and tradition
  • We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Everyone has something to offer in developing the community
  • Every member of the project has a say in the decision concerning the project