About Us

In the world we living in, women and girls face different circumstances that affect
their lives. Such as poverty, war, traditions, culture, aging, bullying, and abuse of all
sorts, bereavement, diagnosis, divorce, imprisonment, gender inequality, etc. and
they are unable to continue living their lives to the fullest. In some cases, women are
unable to participate in decisions concern their lives. Precious Gems was set up to
help women and girls to live the life they would like to live by supporting them to
focus on their strengths, passion, and their future. Precious Gems also exist to
develop the known and yet to be discovered skills and talents of women and girls, so
that they can develop themselves and their community leading to improvement of
their wellbeing.

Precious Gems is a charity that started in March 2013 in the United Kingdom. And is
registered in the charity commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation
(CIO). In 2019 we extended our services internationally through our sister charity
Precious Gems Africa. We currently carry out our charitable activities in the United
Kingdom, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Improving the wellbeing and developing the capacity of women and girls

Our Vision
A world where women and girls are living a happy and fulfilled life

Core value

  • Every member in our projects is a precious gem to us regardless of their status and
  • We believe in people, and we value people regardless of their title, age, colour,
    religion, sexual orientation, disability, and tradition
  • We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Everyone has something to offer in developing the community
  • Every member of the project has a say in the decision concerning the project